That is what the email I got this morning started with.  

I had noticed Hazel was getting fatter, and developing a little udder.  I didn't know what to think, as I knew she had not been with any buck.  Or so I thought.  I decided to ask the previous owner what she thought of it, and the email I received started with, "Oh crud... she is not fat, she is pregnant.".  What?!  Oh my gosh!  She had gotten in with the lady's buck, Scarab, and she was bred.  Kay, her old owner, didn't know that.  In fact, she thought that she had put her in a dog crate when she was in heat.  Well, she did, but I guess she went into heat again.  That little goat!  She got pregnant at five months old!  Oh my...

The good thing is that she is bred to a Nigerian Dwarf buck, who is spotted and polled (naturally does not have horns, which he could pass on to these babies), so we will probably have some really cool looking babies.  I'm reeaaaalllllyyyyy hoping for two doelings, but you just know we will end up with one buckling... or maybe not, I guess time will tell!  So, she is due around March 10th-14th, so we will certainly be watching!  Any name suggestions?  Or... you could guess how many, genders, day she will have them, etc.
Her udder, and my huge hand.
Top-view - looks MUCH bigger in person.


03/03/2013 12:26pm

Oh Crud indeed. On the other hand, you are in the land of seriously cute creatures. I'm saying she has twins, both females, DOB March 11. They should be called Lucy and Marvetta.

03/03/2013 12:55pm

Twins would be (absolutely!) fine with me!!! I was guessing March 11th too.


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