I am inspired!  I love this beautiful, looks like a fairy woodland house.  What I really like for my own purposes is the instruction on how to build with straw bales.  I need to try my hand at this for one of the many buildings I need.

Meet Holly and Tom, our new French Lop breeding pair.  Tom is two years old, and Holly is seven months.  We plan on breeding them next month, so with luck will have babies in February.
So summer is finally over, the plants are taken care of for the winter, and it is time to get back on the writing horse.  Thought I would begin by giving the current farm population:

Five sheep
Three goats
Two dogs
Seven cats
Twenty one chickens
Five ducks
One adult guinea
Ten baby guineas
Two French Lop bunnies (breeding pair)

With any luck, we will have many babies in the spring to be selling, as well as lots of eggs and milk.