Billy Joe's Stunning Iris
DOB: 2/7/2013
Gender: Female
Coat Color: Broken Silver-Tipped
Pedigreed: Yes
Description: This bunny is very friendly and definitely has her own little personality.  She could go as a pet, show rabbit, or breeder. Very cute and should make a good show rabbit and/or breeder.

35.00 Please Contact Us if interested!

This morning was quite brutal.

I walked into the barn to check on my baby rabbits born yesterday.  I looked in the hutch and everything seemed fine.  So, I opened up the burrow and looked at the kits.  One by one I took them out, everything looked good.  Then I noticed I only had 6 now.  Ohhhh no.  I searched and searched for Little Runt and he was nowhere to be found.  The whole time I searched, my heart was beating profusely just at the thought of what could have happened.  It always does.  Raising rabbits can be QUITE brutal.  

I looked around the hutch just waiting to find a dead baby somewhere.  Nothing!  Then I looked in the corner in the straw and saw blood.  So, no little dead body.  Just blood.  That's when I realized that only one thing could've happened.  Holly had EATEN her kit!  That's just terrible!  I had high hopes for this little guy but was doubting he would make it.  I didn't think the answer would come to me so fast.  So, now I have 6 baby rabbits in the nest box.

So, I grieved about that for awhile in the barn, and then I finally came out to help with the animals.  Everyone out there was crowded around the duck hutch thingy, with the lid/door open.  My first thought was that the male duck in there was dead.  Sure enough, my Dad pulled out a half-eaten duck.  

So, I should take this day to remember those who died last night in my very own yard.  It is terrible to think about, but they are both in Heaven now.

RIP Little Duck and Runty
I am really sorry that I have not written in so long.  Weebly has not worked for me for 2 MONTHS, and I finally switched browsers and now it works.  

  Anyway, today was quite the experience!  I have been waiting for babies for 33 days now from Holly.  I was absolutely sure she was pregnant, either that or her guts were supposedly kicking.  I got up this morning, with a "feeling" that she had babies.  I went out to the barn to find a pile of fur, not moving.  I checked it out, while Holly was going frantic for some odd reason.  Sighing, I walked away with no signs of any babies.  I thought that was odd, because usually you will find babies if they have pulled fur.  Well, not this little lady.  First she goes over her due date, and now she does this? Gah!

  Well, I decided I would sit and watch her because, I mean gosh, I have nothing better to do....  So, here I sit staring at a bunny who is doing nothing but pulling fur.  I knew it would be soon, because she had about a boatload full of fur in that nest and was apparently pulling more.  Key word: apparently.  I watch closer, and lo and behold, she is licking "down there" and grunting.  Hmmmm... 

The past few days have really been overwhelming!  Okay, weeks, I should say!  First we got two new
puppies, then a baby goat, then we rescued two other puppies, and THEN Hazel had her kids!  This week, we also got some more little tiny surprises.  On Thursday, my dad woke up to Annie (one of the livestock guardian dogs) barking like crazy. 

He went to the barn to see what's up, and Beady had given birth to our first little lamb born here.  He has a spotted face and spotted legs, but the rest of him is white.  It just had to be a ram, of course.

Then, this morning, my dad woke up to the same exact thing!  He went down to the barn, and Rosie had lambed a little ramlamb.  He was only about 30 minutes old, maybe less when my dad found the lamb.  He texted my mom, and she woke us up saying, "Rosie had a baby, it's a girl!". So I ran out there all excited that it was a girl, and of course, it was a boy.  My dad had missed his "boy parts" because it was so dark
in the barn.  *sigh* 

Rosie was not letting him nurse, for some odd reason, so that means we have to bottle
feed the lamb, although we keep trying to force Rosie to accept him, halter tying her and letting the lamb nurse.  He will be sold once he is 2 months old, but for right now he is in the house. 

That also means we have a sheep that needs to be milked, and she does NOT like anyone touching her udder, so this will be super fun. :)

We just have one more ewe due this month and we will be done!  Hopefully she has a girl.  Keep your fingers crossed!!!
Hazel surprised us this morning with twin bucks. :)  They are both exact matches of Hazel, except one has a pink pig nose. They are super cute.  One of them was jumping on me less than 8 hours after he was born!  Here are the photos:

Dog Days



A day in the hay for little Martin.
A day of "HEY!" for little Duke.
And, of course, a day of "Let's play, play, play!" for Annie and Silas.
I hope you all had a spectacular weekend!!! :)
I have decided to do something different with my blog.  I will post a little each day, and usually include pics.  I think that will be a better idea for me since I am so busy all the time.  Of course I will also post updates if we ever have any!!  Sooooo... here we go!
That is what the email I got this morning started with.  

I had noticed Hazel was getting fatter, and developing a little udder.  I didn't know what to think, as I knew she had not been with any buck.  Or so I thought.  I decided to ask the previous owner what she thought of it, and the email I received started with, "Oh crud... she is not fat, she is pregnant.".  What?!  Oh my gosh!  She had gotten in with the lady's buck, Scarab, and she was bred.  Kay, her old owner, didn't know that.  In fact, she thought that she had put her in a dog crate when she was in heat.  Well, she did, but I guess she went into heat again.  That little goat!  She got pregnant at five months old!  Oh my...

The good thing is that she is bred to a Nigerian Dwarf buck, who is spotted and polled (naturally does not have horns, which he could pass on to these babies), so we will probably have some really cool looking babies.  I'm reeaaaalllllyyyyy hoping for two doelings, but you just know we will end up with one buckling... or maybe not, I guess time will tell!  So, she is due around March 10th-14th, so we will certainly be watching!  Any name suggestions?  Or... you could guess how many, genders, day she will have them, etc.
Her udder, and my huge hand.
Top-view - looks MUCH bigger in person.
Shadowfax Farm's puppies are ready to go to their new homes!  We will be picking ours up sometime soon, and we are so excited!  They are each 150$, and they are turning two months old on March 6th.  1/4 Pyrenees, and 3/4 Anatolian.   Very nice looking pups, don't forget to grab yours.

  The past few months have not been very eggy... in Winter, the hens don't lay like usual.  We were getting about 4 eggs a day, which is certainly not normal!  And then... BOOM.  We got hit by Mother Earth right smack dab in the face, with a boatload of eggs!  So, as you can see in the far left picture, the hens are definitely getting back on schedule. 

  We are a family of five, and most of us are not even that fond of eggs (!!!), so 21 chickens is just not needed.  We decided to sell our Buff Orpington hens.  We are partial to the Barred Rocks, and are not very attached to Orpingtons.  They are not friendly, but are not mean in any way... wellll... we will talk about their broody hen stages another day. ;)   We have 8 of them.  All are for sale, 10$ a bird.  They *obviously* lay well, and they are only 2 years old. One has hatched chicks herself, but I am not sure which one.  Please contact us if you are interested!

      If you got a rabbit for Easter, what would you do with it?

    This is where Caroline and I (Grace) like to write about things that will be done, have been done, or are being done on the farm.  Enjoy!

    Stories from the kids.

    Sue said:....... Hi Grace,
    There is just nothing cuter than a baby rabbit. I'll bet that you and Caroline will be camped out at the cage when the wee bunnies arrive.  So, if
    I wanted to purchase a bunny from you, what would I need to know about care and

    Sue also said:...... Grace, you are going to be Queen of the Blog with your laptop!  I'm having fun
    following your adventures.

    Liz V. said:...... Hello -

    We are from Alabama and my kids love reading your blog!  Marley would like to try your hot chocolate recipe and wanted to let you know that she is a big fan of your farm.  (She loves all animals and Taekwondo!)
    Hope you and your family had a great Christmas!!

    Sue said:...... Here's hoping for lots of bunnies!  How many do you expect in a litter?

    susan said:...... This is a charming blog and I would like to hear more from this kid!

    Kay Thomas said:...... Hi Grace, I enjoy reading your blog! I'm sorry you lost all the red-bud trees. The little maples are beautiful. We always have a lot of little trees come up in our yard each year as well.

    We GREATLY appreciate any comments!


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