What an easy, beautiful way to fence the garden.  We have lots of willow trees on our property, which would be perfect for building the woven part of this fence.  This is not my fence, just an example.  I am always gathering photos for projects I want to do sometime in the future, they inspire me!


12/27/2012 6:08pm

That's a pretty fence...I wonder how hard it is to maintain.

12/27/2012 8:19pm

Rebecca, I would think it would last just as long as any other wood fence. I think I would do the posts out of osage orange (hedgeapple), because of it's ability to resist rot. Osage posts will likely outlive the man who puts them in!

I'm always looking for alternatives to field fencing and t-posts. Anything other than metal fencing, and I'm happy!


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