Our Nigerian Dwarf goat gave birth to twins, both boys.  Our biggest ewe gave birth to a single, another boy.  Woke up the next morning, our second ewe gave birth to another single, yet another boy, that she refused and she now has to be restrained several times a day so that he can nurse.  This morning, our third and final ewe gave birth, with our assistance because one leg was backward in the birth canal; as we finally got the lamb all the way out, yet another boy.

We have been aquiring, raising, and breeding all these animals for two years, to get crosses for milking.  And after all this time, no ewes.  I am crushingly disappointed.  And despite the fact that it is spring, it has been sleeting all day and the new buds on all the trees are now covered in ice.

I am just not feeling the homesteading vibe today.

Ah well, I'll start over tomorrow, take stock and figure out where to go from here.  These are the realities of living this lifestyle; sometimes it is difficult to absorb the disappointments and still feel like I am doing the right thing.



04/11/2013 7:18am

So sorry to hear of your troubles. Just want to say, thanks to folks like you and other farm bloggers. We are once again raising chickens for eggs and meat. We also have a large garden ,that provides us year round.Keep your chin up, nature can bite you sometimes, but it is wonderful in it's unpredictability. Hope your luck changes soon. I often come to your site for inspiration and ideas. God bless. Jim

04/11/2013 11:19am

Mom, I heard that flushing them makes them have more lambs sometimes. Remember, we forgot to flush them. Maybe that is why they are having singles.

04/13/2013 10:02am

Jim, I thank you so much for your comments. It's interesting, when I started these websites I did it so I could encourage others to take a little step toward self sufficiency; the old motto of "If I can do it, anyone can!"

I really never dreamed that I would also get support in return, but I do, and it does make it easier. It helps more than you know.

I am very glad to hear that your family has food security. That is a big deal. Congratulations to all of you.

Have a great weekend!


04/20/2013 10:09am

I recently read, (in regard to goats) that a lack of a certain mineral can contribute to an imbalance in the #'s of boys vs girls...don't know if it's true or even if it applies to sheep, but it might be an avenue to explore. The weather has been really hard on pastures the last few years...

Good luck with it! Sure do appreciate the info on your blog--practical inspiration!

04/20/2013 10:07pm

At this point, we are selling all of our sheep to concentrate on goats. Our animals do have minerals, but we don't have all the fencing up yet to have them on a forage diet. If we sell the sheep, that will pay for new fencing for the goats!

Thanks for your comments, Lori! I hope you find a few things on the site that are helpful to you.



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