One of things that I really, really need here to grow the amount of food that I would like is a greenhouse.  I have looked at so many, and they are usually incredibly expensive.  My building skills are rudimentary at best, but this one I think I can not only build, but also afford.

From, take a look at this nice 6' x 8' greenhouse.  If the price is accurate, I could build one to grow greens for the animals too.



02/21/2013 3:36pm

Thanks for posting photos and a link for my greenhouse. There is a materials calculation worksheet on my website so you can price materials in your area to build it.


02/21/2013 3:53pm

Rob, you are so welcome! Hope you get some hits off of it, because you have a GREAT plan. Love the little greenhouse, too. You have a very nice website.


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