In our first year here, we purchased a flock of seventeen baby guineas, called keets.  Cute as little feathered buttons, they are so tiny.  As they grew, the guineas began to be more vocal.  They grew some more, and were more vocal.  By the time they were roaming around as adolescents, they were the most obnoxiously loud beasts I have ever been around.

All but one of that flock were eaten by owls and coyotes.  So, last fall I bought ten more keets to roam the land this spring, eliminating ticks. 

After guineas are one year old, they make less noise.  It is between three months and one year that they nearly drive me batty.  Don't believe me?  Here is proof!  My young guineas, throwing a fit...



02/16/2013 1:43pm

Unfortunately, this is pretty much the norm when something is out of place. Everyone has to talk about it. Its a trade off of bug patrol and some wonderful meat for a little noise. I personally love mine they are comical creatures when let loose. Hope that you get desenstized soon. I have mine they honestly remind me of a two year old child always got something to say. Best of luck and enjoy your posts

02/17/2013 10:29am

Stacy, our last flock was well past the yell-at-everything phase, and we really liked them. Unfortunately, the coyotes are thick as thieves around my place, and once they found our wandering guineas, they began picking them off pretty quickly. Really dampened my spirits to have to start over with my guinea flock, and until I have the place fence and patrolled by our LGDs, I plan on having to renew my flock every year.

Thanks for your comment!



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