I had never heard of this tool until this morning, when I came across this article from Iron Oak Farm about what a froe is, and how the folks at Iron Oak Farm make them. 

After reading the article, I want a froe.  My strength and skill aren't really axe-worthy, so the fire wood chopping is always left to my husband. 

I could see this splitter being supremely useful in making shingles, and I really prefer rough cut boards for building almost anything.

Check out How A Froe Is Made, by Iron Oak Farm via GRIT Magazine...



Green Eyed Jinn
01/29/2013 12:37pm

They have a version on Amazon:

Although, reading the comments section, it seems some minor owner modifications are required to make it better.

01/29/2013 8:31pm

Well dang, I had no idea they were that common. I would really like to buy one from the farm in the article, that thing looks extremely well made. I don't see that they sell them, though.

Thanks for the link!


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