Fill a bowl with water, and put the questionable egg in.

If it sinks, the egg is still good.
If it rises a bit, you'd better use it soon.
If it floats, it's too old.

And always, when it doubt, throw it out.


02/08/2013 8:18am

Thank you for this! I was just wondering about this the other day. My chickens are starting to produce better all of a sudden and the store bought eggs I had in the fridge are a few days past the "sell by" date. I was wondering how to know if I could still eat them. I'll give this trick a try!

02/08/2013 1:01pm

Colleen, you are welcome. Our chickens have picked up production as well, since the days are getting longer. So,, I had the girls test all the eggs we had in the fridge yesterday. It's kind of fun for the kids to do.


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