Lavender is one of my favorite plants, because it is not only beautiful, but so incredibly useful.  I have planted countless lavender plants at my place over the past couple of years (and at the last house too), and just adore it.  So easy to care for, and it is lovely year round here in zone 6.

Lavender can be used for calming teas, for aromatherapy, in bath water, to make essential oil, to cook with, to make soaps; the possibilites are endless. 

Last year when the parking lot plant sellers were getting rid of all their remaining plants, I stopped in and bought ALL of their lavender for about 25% of the original price.  There are deals to be had, if you time your shopping just right.  I gave some away to friends, and planted the rest.  I can never have too much.

From, here are many different ideas for using lavender, one of the most useful plants out there.

Crunchy Gift Ideas: Love ALL the Lavender!



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