My husband is a genius.  We have loads of things to water, and not enough spigots in places that will reach them all without stringing together twenty seven hoses and then hoping they don't kink up a mile back.  We were carting five gallon buckets full of water back and forth in the mule, splashing water as we went.  We looked ridiculous.  And tired.  We are not spring chickens anymore, you know.  We need easy.

We have toyed with the idea of trash can rain barrels for the downspouts and trash can passive heat absorbers for the (future) green house and even trash can composters (which didn't really work very well but that is another story for another day).  Enter mobile trash can orchard waterer, courtesy of my husband's ingenuity.  Lid on, no splashing, gravity fed, large capacity, inexpensive to make.  I had been coveting all sorts of containers to purchase for this purpose.  Hubby made this out of things we already had.  Free and effective; gotta love that.



Pam (Casey) Barry
05/17/2012 9:16am

Ok so that is way cool!!! I am going to have to show my hubby that one!!! He likes things like this!!!! LOL!!!! Way to go! I like easy as well!


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