It is a beautiful, and strangely warm, February day here in Kansas.  Many doings are afoot outside, in a furious attempt to get ready for spring.  Cleaning out the barn, finishing the rabbit enclosure hopefully before the babies are born, trying to construct the fencing for the broody house so we can hatch some eggs and sell some chicks, babying the seedlings so they will be ready for transplant, finding time to get a new load of straw bales for some raised bed gardens we are planing this year, and on and on the list goes.  

I have so many articles waiting to be finished so that I can put them here for you, but I suppose I need to find time when the sun goes down for that; daylight is burning away and there is much to be done outside.

My Newfoundland keeps finding bits of a rotting dear carcass, which is making her sick.  Woke up this morning to a rather unpleasant gift from her, and found that I have probably killed my celery as well.  It appears the pots were too close to the heater I use to raise the air temperature for our seed starting area, and the celery has collapsed.  Ah well, I will just start more, and learn that celery does NOT like to be warm.

And so, as I drain the last of my morning coffee, all these issues are bouncing around in my head, waiting for me to fix/build/care for them all.  I leave you with this photo, which makes me smile, and the idea that homegrown food is not only good for you physical health, but your mental health as well. 



02/06/2013 6:38am

thanks for taking the time to write, cant wait to read the new stuff!

02/07/2013 9:21am

Josh you are so welcome, and thank YOU for taking the time to post.


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