Our emergency well pump; we chose this pvc set up because there are no leathers to dry out if we don't use it.  This well is relatively shallow, but we had the same pump on our last well too, and it was 180'.  It doesn't put out as much water as a big iron pump, but for now it serves our needs. 

This well was abandoned when the house was put on county water, so no longer has an electric pump in it.  The pvc set up can be installed even with an electric pump, as that is how we had it on our last well. 

For me to feel secure, I like to have at least two sources of water that I can use even without power.  Now if I can get my windmill hooked to another well this summer, I can keep my ponds full too.



04/04/2013 8:41pm

Nice rig! I made my own well dipper out of PVC and a one way valve. Lehman's charges $50 for theirs - I built mine for under $10.00. I'm glad you folks are thinking ahead!

04/07/2013 6:39pm

I love Lehman's, but their stuff is often overpriced. Good job doing it yourself.

And shoot, thinking ahead is what got us out here to begin with! I wanted to make sure I could keep my kids safe, fed and warm, no matter what happens out in The World. ;)

Have a productive spring. :)


07/09/2014 11:41am

Great home made little pump. If folks aren't real handy they can order a ready made one that will go down 150' for 129.00 from www.handywellpump.com


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