Written by Grace
   The baby rabbits are just fantastic, and I have finally been able to get some pictures of them on my computer.  Holly is getting really annoyed when I put her up at night...  They all chase after her frantically trying to nurse, and she runs away and contemplates the idea of staying there for her babies.  Yeah, she contemplates for like 2 seconds and then runs off.  What a nice mama bunny.  I know they are being fed though,  because they haven't died.  It's an easy way of knowing.  

  Also, in case you are wondering, we are not going to be eating rabbit anytime soon.  No eating little fluffballs for me!  :)  Anyway, without further ado, here are the pictures.
Also, this post is a day late, so really, it is day 20 for these babies.  Just figured I would add that.  

Thanks for reading!  


05/17/2013 6:07am

They certainly are sweet!

05/17/2013 4:53pm

They are aren't they. :) I love them!


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