The 6 rabbits are all doing fantastic!  They have kept themselves warm and comfy for the last 8 days and they are getting cuter everyday!  They are still in that sleep all day stage but will be hopping and fluffy in a week or two.  I did find out that I have a broken Chestnut Agouti instead of a broken Silver-tipped which I had guessed in the first place.  I think the pure black might turn into a Chestnut Agouti too but in the meanwhile he is still pretty dark.  Really hoping I have a white female in this litter, either that or the Broken Chinchilla will be a doe.  Those are the only ones I would consider keeping.  Well, I am using someone else's Wi-Fi at the moment and have company so that is all for now!  



05/08/2013 1:46pm

They look good! Can't wait to see them with their eyes open!

05/09/2013 7:53am

I see some fluff potential!


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