I think this idea has been the most popular on the facebook site so far.  Rebar used for support, and row after row of strawberries planted in guttering.  The strawberries hang over the sides, allowing for easy gathering, as well as a very pretty photo.  Planting strawberries like this would also make it difficult for many of the usual bugs and pests to bother the plants.



02/06/2013 9:07am

Wow! Love this idea! So does my husband. Going to do it. Is there a site you got the photo from that goes into more detail? Mmmmm, I just want to pick one right now!

02/18/2013 10:00am

!!! GEEZ, Mary, I completely missed your comment! So sorry.

I haven't seen any information on how to do this, just saw the photo, and it has been my most popular photo EVER on facebook. Looks to me like the welded re-bar in a t shape, then put the gutters on those for support. Plant the strawberries and rock on.

I would assume the have drip irrigation on them, as with the minimal growing area in the gutters, the soil would dry out pretty quickly. So, you would want to use the deepest gutters you could find.

Two things I would do differently; doesn't look to me like there are any drainage holes in the gutters for excess water, so I would punch holes in the bottoms AND, I would secure the gutters to the re-bar, maybe through the drainage holes you could string heavy gage wire to twist around the T.

Happy Planting, spring is almost here!!!!


10/16/2013 3:03am

Hey guys I've been doing some research and trying to find out how to set up something like this in my house. I found this website on a company that produces ththese systems http://www.mapalplastics.com/agri/site/en/pages/inPage.asp?catID=47&subID=125 unfortunatunfortunately its out of the country and I havent found a local supplier. Let me know if you guys find any info on a local/ us supplier. I'm in southern cali


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