I am dreaming of spring, and with spring comes the many ideas of building fences, arbors, and railings out of sticks, limbs and logs gathered here at the farm.  Below are just a few of the ideas that I have gathered from around the web.  I love the idea of building with materials that are not only free, but are also much more beautiful than anything you will find at a store.

Some people count sheep while trying to fall asleep; I count sticks.

What will you build this spring?



02/12/2013 7:27am

I love these! I'm just not sure where I would ever find so many sticks in Phoenix! If you build something similar, be sure to share photos!

02/13/2013 9:37pm

Colleen, if I ever build anything this beautiful I am putting it on a billboard! I try to share photos of everything I do out here, but I have yet to build anything this lovely. But I am hopeful, someday...


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