Personally?  I think manipulating genes for our own benefit is creepy.  I prefer to plant heriloom seeds and eat real food when I can.  Frankenfood.  The whole idea just seems Brave New Worldee.  Again, from the Farmer's Almanac website...

From tomatoes engineered to be hardier for travel to pest resistant corn,
many of the foods we find on the shelves at the local grocery store today are
genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

Our modern understanding of genetics has given scientists the ability to
select traits from one species of plant or animal and impart them into another,
and major biotech companies around the world are doing just that. While food
created in a lab may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, the
fact is, whether you realize it or not, most of the food you eat probably comes
from genetically modified sources. Even if you grow most or all of your own food
from organic seeds, there’s still a very strong possibility that your vegetables
are not as pure as you think.

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12/29/2012 2:34pm

Plants have been genetically modified since time began. By selective breeding grass was turned in to grains etc,. GM corn saves $1000s on input costs. No pesticides etc,. Cheaper to produce, cheaper for the consumer. Managed a sow herd of over 2,000 sows for years and never ever had a problem using GM corn. However, as nature takes it usual course, pesticide resistance grows every year, as does weed control etc,. Soon back to normal. So, grow your own or pay higher prices. Whatever animals are fed nowadays, rabbits, chickens, goats whatever the ingredients 99% of the time contain GM corn. Organic foods have no difference in taste or quality as non organic. Helps a person who thinks that organic is pure food feel better. What everyone needs. Ego boost! Love your site by the way!

12/31/2012 2:39pm

Yep, Hal, I hear you. Lots of things are fads and make people feel like they are making better choices, when in fact the "organic" label as handed out by the FDA, often is given to producers in Mexico and China that do not have to follow the same guidelines as American producers. The end game really is if you want to know what is in your food, grow it yourself.

Thanks for the comment, and I'm glad you like the site! I really want people to see that anyone can do this, even if you have no experience, like us.

12/31/2012 6:07pm

Hi Tina. I agree that the imports are usually inefrior to the home grown counter parts. But they are cheaper. It is the perspective of food that conditions peoples buying impulses. Ate raw turnips, carrots whatever way back when in the UK when I was a kid. Pigeons, rabbits, anything. In other countries, grubs, reptiles whatever was available. Now we have a generation of people t both ends of the spectrum From wholesome organic to Dumpster divers. 10 years ago Western (advanced) countries were 80%/20% to developing nations. Today it is about 60/40. 20 years on we will be on the lower end of the scale. So self sufficiency now is a survival mode. Too strong a word, but you can guess what I mean. As for city people not know. I assume all will be well. Solent Green movie comes to mind. Heck not all gloom and doom! World may blow up before then! Hope not want to live another 100 years! LOL! But as what this site is about, self sufficiency. Happy New Year folks!

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