I am really sorry that I have not written in so long.  Weebly has not worked for me for 2 MONTHS, and I finally switched browsers and now it works.  

  Anyway, today was quite the experience!  I have been waiting for babies for 33 days now from Holly.  I was absolutely sure she was pregnant, either that or her guts were supposedly kicking.  I got up this morning, with a "feeling" that she had babies.  I went out to the barn to find a pile of fur, not moving.  I checked it out, while Holly was going frantic for some odd reason.  Sighing, I walked away with no signs of any babies.  I thought that was odd, because usually you will find babies if they have pulled fur.  Well, not this little lady.  First she goes over her due date, and now she does this? Gah!

  Well, I decided I would sit and watch her because, I mean gosh, I have nothing better to do....  So, here I sit staring at a bunny who is doing nothing but pulling fur.  I knew it would be soon, because she had about a boatload full of fur in that nest and was apparently pulling more.  Key word: apparently.  I watch closer, and lo and behold, she is licking "down there" and grunting.  Hmmmm... 

I watched for about 3 minutes, and didn't know what else to think besides "Um, this rabbit is giving birth.". So I watched some more.  I finally yelled over to my Mom, "I think Holly might be having babies... yep, I think so.".  Sure enough, here comes one of those squirmy pink things, resembling the facial details of an alien.  She kept pushing, and making noises.  By the time Holly was done, it all happened so fast I didn't even have an idea how many she had.  I thought 4, maybe 5.  Holly finished cleaning the last one and hopped out of her nestbox as fast as she could to her oats I had put out a few minutes before the event.  She obviously had a feeling her oats were stalking her the whole time she was kindling.  The poor girl, she had to have her oats!

  When she left, there were what looked like thousands of babies in one big pile left in the fur she had pulled before.  They were still wet and gross so I left them to their own devices for a while.  They dug themselves way under the fur (quite fascinating how the ugliest, tiniest little things have instincts like that...) and before I knew it, they were way under there out of my sight.

  With a brown dam and a spotted sire, it was shocking to see what she had.  There are three plain WHITE ones!  I wonder if they will turn into REWs when older... who knows!  We counted seven the first time, and when I did my "sure search" a while later, I found exactly seven healthy kits who looked to have already been fed.  There are three white ones, 3 broken ones (looks like one may be a chinchilla, but I won't get my hopes up for that!), and one Chestnut Agouti like Holly.  

  So, it was a nice morning!  The fact that we got to witness the birth was AMAZING, because rabbits actually have the ability to wait until your gone, and usually they do!  I am thinking about making a new page called "Raising Rabbit From Birth to Weanlings".  Sounds interesting, eh?  Ha Ha.

  Well, now that I can write again, I will write more!  I am so sorry I have not written much!  I have A LOT to make up for, don't I???

Does anyone want a breeding pair?  Reserve a baby or babies today if you would like.  They will be weaned in about 2 months, and if all goes according to plan (which it never does..) they will all be sold.  Just contact us or comment here and I can probably set you up a breeding pair or a pet bunny!!!


04/26/2013 4:19pm

Can't have a breeding pair of SIBLINGS!

04/26/2013 6:10pm

Oh, oops. Gotta edit that out!

04/27/2013 6:38am

Grace, I believe you are the only person I know who has actually witnessed a bunny birth! Probably their mom is the only one who doesn't know that they are ugly and squirmy.

04/27/2013 7:36am

Haha, probably! I have seen it on videos before but I was shocked to see it in real life!


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    Sue said:....... Hi Grace,
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